School Age

It looks like your child is really growing up. Remember when they were toddlers, not so long ago? School age children are bringing back homework from school, and they’re steeped in the word of mathematics and reading.

They’re dabbling in many activities, whether it’s painting pictures for family members, taking violin lessons or making clay sculptures to decorate the garden. There are lots of fun crafts that you and your child can work on. Not only will they make unforgettable mementos of childhood, they help your child unwind after a hard day at school and help express their creativity.

Your child is learning about more than just the history of the US-they're learning communication and problem solving skills and learning about the social world we inhabit. The skills your child learns at school will greatly affect the rest of your child's life.


Not all kids excel at school; and few excel at all subjects. The reality is, many children have learning disabilities. Find out about different disabilities and the benefits of using a tuto


But school or art classes aren’t the only places your child is learning. They’re making important social connections that teach them lessons about how the world works­ - and these lessons will last them a lifetime. So whether you’re planning your child’s birthday party or putting them in fun sports camps, you’re helping them build knowledge about the social world.

As parents, we are responsible for instilling good values in our children and giving them to the right tools to move forward into that socal world. If you're concerned about the hot issues including child discipline, kids and sex, allowance, giving kids control and more, head to our Parenting Tips section.

We all have concerns about our children's health. Learn about the health issues that affect our schoolage children from nightmares and obesity to childhood diabetes. It's also extrememly important to ensure our school age kids are eating nutritious meals. Read up on some healthy food tips and healthy snacks that will please you and your children.

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