Toddler Behavior

Toddler Behavior Now that your little one isn't a baby anymore, she has begun to assert herself a bit more and is trying to find some independence. Unfortunately, this won't always come out in the nicest ways. Read more about toddler aggression and get some tips on dealing with those toddler tantrums.

Toddler biting will also become a bigger issue as you approach the second birthday. Find out the best ways to dole out some toddler discipline so that you can curb your child's mouthy habit. Maybe your toddler has a different kind of oral problem; one that involves his thumb. Read up on the troubles thumb sucking can cause and how to stop this habit before it's too late.

Biting and temper tantrums are not the only behavior issues that make the two's terrible. During the toddler years, many children perfect the art of lying, interrupting and, perhaps the most annoying toddler behavior of all, whining. And your toddler's favorite word during this trying stage? NO! Read The No, No, No's to learn how you can hear yes more often.

A common toddler behavior that is worrisome for many parents is head banging. Read more about this normal behavior and find out what you can do about it. Another common behavior that often causes stress in parents is separation anxiety. Whether it is your child or even yourself that is plagued by this upsetting behavior, it is possible to make those good-bye's less traumatic.

You may also find yourself baffled by your toddler's behavior as he learns to walk. The Emotional Side of Walking will help you understand better all the changes that are going on inside of your little one during this exciting time.

Are you getting ready to welcome a new brother or sister into your home? Make sure you get your toddler ready for the transition, which will help avoid sibling rivalry. And if your toddler has started to bring home some imaginary friends, don't worry! These playmates won't cause any problems in your home as long as you put out a welcome mat. Who knows? BonBon the Invisible Bear may just help your toddler learn how to share.