Back to School Activities for Kids

While kids may not always be enthusiastic about going back to class, back to school activities are a great way to get the academic year off to a terrific start. These simple activities aren't just entertaining for kids, they also help promote learning and staying excited about learning. In addition, they help kids make new friends and focus on what learning is all about: having fun.

A back to school party is a fantastic way to kick off the school year. Preparing yummy treats and having kids make different types of crafts like bookmarks and scrapbooks help them bond with friends and get their school year jazzed up for the new year.

Party themes add an extra flare of creativity to any back to school party. For example, you can host a science party where kids can play detective and discover their inner Einstein or host a book covering party where kids can decorate their old textbooks.

Having a neighborhood bus stop bagel bash lets kids and parents in the area meet before the first day of school so that you can create a true community and help children ease into the school routine.

Finally, a weekly book club keeps kids excited about reading and helps keep their imaginations creative and sharp.