Back to School Recipes

It's school time again and that means one thing for moms when it comes to cooking - preparing healthy school lunches, after school snacks and nutritious breakfasts! Because your child's diet is so essential to his school experience as well as his health and development, providing well-balanced meals is crucial. That's why we've come up with healthy and delicious ideas for back to school recipes.

School lunches can often become tedious - for both you and your child. Why not jazz things up with a creative sandwich puzzle or fun pinwheel bites? Both of these sandwhich alternatives will put an end to lunchtime boredom.

Other great back to school recipes for lunch include a yummy pizza-dilla that combines two classics - pizza and quesadilla - into a brand new dish that's out of this world. A wrap 'n roll tortilla is sure to be an instant hit with the kids, while our shake 'n serve salad and our presto pasta salad is a great way to get even the most stubborn eaters to eat their veggies.

Of course, breakfast is an important part of every kid's health. Check out our Breakfast Menu for easy ways to incorporate all four food groups into your child's breafkast to get her day off to a healthy  and nutritious start that will keep her energized throughout the school day.

Finally, be sure to explore our After School Snacks section for delicious, quick and healthy ideas on how to beat the after school munchies and make sure to provide your child with an all-around healthy diet.