The Two-way Street For Beautiful Women

Beauty is a two way street. It's about feeling good inside and looking good on the outside. So if you're feeling blue, it'll dampen your appearance and may affect your self-esteem. Here are some tips that you can use to lighten your mood when it comes to feeling beautiful.


Beauty Tips on how to Feel Good

Never use a magnifying mirror, except for tweezing your brows.
If you've studied your face in a magnifying mirror, you will know why they should be avoided. Magnifying mirrors make you focus on little things, like enlarged pores, that are not visible with the naked eyes. So, what's the point of zooming in on these little flaws? Also magnifying mirrors tend to make features look totally out of proportion. For example, those little lines on the corner of your lips may look deeper and more noticeable than they actually are.

Avoid using fluorescent light bulbs near the washroom mirror.
Fluorescent lights emit harsh white light. They make you look pale and sick, so never use them near your washroom mirror or around the mirror you often look at. It's better to use halogen bulbs with a glass frost filter that give clean and even light. But, we all know the most flattering and natural looking light comes from those warm incandescent bulbs. So, why not use natural-looking lighting to enhance your naturally good looks? Stephen Dantzig, author of Lighting Techniques for Fashion and Glamour Photography says the best way to balance lighting to get rid of those unflattering shadows is by placing one light directly centered over the bathroom sink and one on either side.

Turn down any skin analysis offer that involves using a machine on your face.
Department stores often offer such devices to measure your skin pore, the depth of wrinkles, moisture level, etc., that print out the summary of your skin's condition. Never will you get a printout saying your skin is in good shape, making us wonder if it has something to do with marketing and buying their products?

Don't compare yourself to models and celebrities you see on TV or in magazines.
If you paid 10 assistants to make sure your skin, hairstyle, and makeup looked incredibly flawless, you'd look just as glamorous and stylish as the women seen on TV and in magazines.

Every woman deserves a little pampering and time to herself to relax.
Pampering yourself doesn't have to mean spending cash you don't have. Why why not visit a local spa or submerge yourself into soothing scented bath? Or do something you enjoy with the kids to help yourself get through the grey winter days.

So the bottom line is to make the most of what you have, by starting to appreciate the little good things. Things like stretch marks and cellulite and fine lines will seem less and less worrisome.