Fabulous Home Finds For Less

With kids and work and all kinds of other things on the go, few of us have the time or money to devote to home décor.  However, this doesn’t mean that you have to live in a home devoid of style and flair. There are ways to get your hands on the items you crave for your home without having to pay big bucks or, sometimes, anything at all!

Finding Cheap and Even Free Home Décor

Garage Sales: We all wish that we could afford to shop at the most expensive boutiques and buy designer items for our home, but since we can’t, why not get our things from the ones that can! I’m talking about hitting garage and estate sales in upscale neighborhoods where you’re more likely to find chic and stylish items for next to nothing. One woman’s trash really is another woman’s treasure!

Online Listings: Another option is to check out online listings like Craigslist where people post items that they want to sell. You can search listings all over the world and even with the low prices there is always room to barter in order to score the best possible deal. You can find absolutely everything for your home from decoration to furniture to even materials like crown moldings and fancy stair railings! Another great online option is Freecycle which is a group open to anyone. Members post items online that they want to give away or trade so you can find some really beautiful things for free. Yes, I said FREE!

Recycling Centers: You can do your part for the environment and your pocketbook by checking out recycling centers. Organizations like Habitat For Humanity have resale stores where you can buy home décor and furniture for a lot less.

Hotel Liquidators: These are warehouses where the public can buy furnishings and décor from various hotels. Only the best items make it to these warehouses so you can expect to find furniture and decoration that is in great condition and so inexpensive that it almost seems too good to be true, but true it is! A great tip is to look for items from the more upscale hotels; Four Seasons, Fairmont, etc. You can buy everything from high quality bedroom, office and living room furniture to televisions, art and textiles for next to nothing.

Antique and Flea Markets: This is not only a fun way to spend a nice Sunday morning but you can also find some very unique pieces for a bargain price. Markets mean room to negotiate so if you see something you really love but find it a tad over budget, why not make an offer and see how low they’ll go. You’ve got nothing to lose! Look for pieces that function in more ways than one, like old stained glass windows that can be hung as art or mixed tea cups that would make an eclectic display on a kitchen hutch. Many antique markets also have things like old rod iron fences, brackets and garden items that can be used inside or outside the home.

Final Tips

Getting the home décor goodies you want on a budget is possible if you take the time to look around, choose quality pieces and keep an open mind. Try to see the potential in things and don’t shy away from unusual items that catch your eye.

And to help keep you on track so you don’t buy a bunch of useless bits and bobbles, shop armed with pages ripped from your decorating magazines and catalogues that have the look you’re after so that you can choose pieces accordingly.

Just don’t forget to have fun!

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