Easy Home Tips for Whiter Teeth

For those mom’s who rely on a cup or two of java to get you through long days and nights, it’s likely that your teeth are paying the price for your much needed jolt. It doesn’t take a whole lot of coffee or even black tea to take your teeth from white to, well, yellow or worse! To get your pearly whites back to being just that, here are some handy dandy and natural ways to keep them gleaming.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tricks

Head to your pantry for some unique solutions.  Rub your teeth with salvia leaves. Get inspired by the East with this Ayer Vedic concoction of turmeric powder, mustard oil and a dash of salt. Dried and powdered bay leaves mixed with dried orange peel also does the job.

Food is your friend. Dentists have always sworn by this—munching on crunchy veggies is great way to clean your teeth but also helps in removing those stubborn stains. Dive into celery, broccoli, cucumber, pineapple and any other crunchy food you can think of.

Diet. Add carrots, almonds, tomatoes, green and fibrous veggies, mushrooms, dairy (hello calcium!) to your diet. You’ll be surprised at how effectively they tend to keep your whites oh, so pearly.

Get Armed and Hammered
. Baking soda is the tried and true solution. Why do you think all the leading toothpaste brands have a version with baking soda in it? Well, it works! Mix baking soda with water creating a bit of a watery paste. Dip your toothbrush in it and lightly brush your teeth. Do this only once or twice a month max, and make sure you don’t swallow any.

Salt. Yup. You read right. Another way is to put salt directly on your toothbrush and brush away.

Strawberries. Well, Catherine Zeta Jones swears by it, and so should you. Take strawberries, mash them up on a bowl and massage them on to your teeth. Just make sure you brush (with fluoride toothpaste) right after or you’ll be seeing red in more than just one way.

As always when using such remedies, it’s a great idea to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste right after to ensure that you are actually cleaning your teeth. These are whitening tips and not thorough cleaning remedies after all. Also you want make sure that your teeth are in the best condition, so if there is any hesitation or sensitivity, make sure to always keep your dentist number on speed dial.