Say Buh-Bye to Brittle Nails

As much as we love gorgeous nails we often find ourselves gathering our pennies for other things once we become mothers. Those all-important manicures take the backseat once we have more than just ourselves to care for. However, things like washing bottles and loads and loads of spit-up covered tops and blankies can leave us with brittle nails that we’re ashamed to show off when do finally have time for a much deserved night on the town. How can you get rid of the blah, and bring back some badda-bing? It’s easy with the right tips.

Now we aren’t looking for the super red long nails that graced our hands in the 80s or rather before baby, but there is always something beautiful about a well-maintained pair of hands whether we’re showing them off at work or just using them to caress delicate baby skin.

Tips for Pretty Tips

• Prenatal Vitamins. They are not just for pregnant mommies anymore. Ladies in waiting (for their bundle of joy, that is), swear by their prenatal vitamins, as they tend to give them stronger nails in addition to all the other important nutrients they need. Sure they can be a tad more than your regular vitamins but keep an eye out and in a few months, you’ll swear by it.

• Gelatin. Incorporate it in your diet or hit your vitamin store and take in a capsule form. It will definitely get your nails harder and firmer.

• No Alcohol. No, I’m not talking your glass, (fill ‘er up lady), but avoid any hand/nail products that has alcohol in them. It tends to dry out your cuticles and that my dear, does not make a happy hand.

• Taking a cue from our animal kingdom, visit your local farm supply store and grab a couple of bottles of Hoof Cream. Yup, you read that right, hoof as in horses.  It’s a great conditioner.

• Vitamin A is great for your nails. Make sure your multi-vitamin has an appropriate amount.

• Momma was never wrong. That glass of milk every day is worth a thousand manicures. Calcium enriched foods helps fortify your nails of its essential nutrients.

• Carrot Juice. Prep your juicer and head to the farmer’s market. Drinking carrot juice definitely helps your nails. As its replete with vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, PP, K, E, (see told you Vitamin A is necessary!), it’s a perfectly natural way to get your nails in tip top shape.

• Green Pepper Juice. (Another juicer-friendly item)  Drinking a glass of green pepper juice is great as it’s filled with silicon that is necessary for your nails.
And finally, as busy and hectic as your life may be, try to treat yourself to a manicure whenever you can. Getting one every other week or even once a month is a great way to de-stress and a well-deserved reward for doing all that you do. If finances are tight, be sure to put some pampering on your Christmas or birthday wish list. Taking the time to do this will not only help keep your hands and nails in tiptop shape, but it’ll also feel great to have even just a little bit of time that is all about you.

Now that you have what it takes to go from brittle to brilliant; go for it and nail it!