Exercise Videos: Improving Your Fitness

Exercise videos allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home. Many women prefer working out at home as it’s a big time-saver and means that no one’s ogling you while you’re bending and stretching. A lot of women also turn to exercise videos when there’s a lull in their day. Going to the gym would take too much time, but having 15 minutes of free time can easily accommodate a video workout!

Most importantly, many women are just realizing the benefits of working out. Finding a routine to jump-start your exercise career can be tough at the gym. Stepping into the gym, you don’t quite know what to do first—do you run around the track until you’re tired? How do you lift weights? An exercise video is like having a personal trainer. Good exercise videos show you how to work out so that you don’t strain muscles and joints. They also give pointers on how to make sure you’re working the right muscles.

The cost of a gym membership and personal trainer can put a dent in your pocketbook. Most exercise videos run at about $20, which means big savings. You can use that money to create a small exercise video library.

Now you have to go about finding the right exercise video for you. Well, we’ve got some recommendations on the best exercise videos from top fitness instructors.

Yoga Exercise Videos

Power Yoga Total Body was found to be an excellent exercise video. It will help build strength, flexibility and stamina. The only equipment you’ll need is a yoga mat and some comfy clothes.

Yoga Journal’s Yoga Step-by-Step is also a great favorite! It’s a group of sessions in a series of three videos.

Aerobics Exercise Videos

Aerobic exercise is basically any exercise that makes you breathe hard while using your major muscle groups. It’s a good fat-burner and it’s great for your heart.

The Trainer’s Edge Cardio Interval Training exercise video is popular because it’s low-impact and the instructor is incredibly motivating. You’ll need two light hand weights and a good pair of workout shoes.

ABC Workout: Amazing Ball Choreography uses fun exercise-balls to promote good balance balance and work out the lower-body muscles. You’ll need an exercise ball. The benefit is that once you purchase this ball, simply sitting on the ball works out your trunk muscles!

Pilates Exercise Videos

There are many fans of The New Method Pilates Precision Toning and Sculpting DVD. This exercise video has two Pilates workouts. Many women like this exercise DVD because it’s easy for beginners and intermediates. You’ll need a mat and two hand weights.

Also famous is Romana’s Pilates: Powerhouse Mat Workout.
The video is led by Romana Kryzanowska, student of Joseph Pilates.

Exercise Video Tips

If you’re leery about buying an exercise DVD because you think you may not follow through, go to your local video store and rent the video first! That way you can judge whether you like the routine and the video instructor.

Also, whatever video you do go for, be sure that the instructor is properly qualified. You can check a fitness instructor’s credentials on the back of most exercise videos. Happy exercising!

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