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Mom's World: Parenting Resources Parenting is tougher than any ‘real job’ you’ll ever have. Good parenting starts with knowledge about styles and how they affect your child. You may also want to read Parental Behavior to learn more about how your actions influence your children.

If you are planning a birthday party, check out our comprehensive birthday party guide for unique birthday party ideas and fun birthday party games.

Going through a divorce is hard for any couple and it can be especially hard on your children. Effects of Divorce on Children will help you understand just what your children are feeling during this difficult period. Divorce: Help Your Child Adjust offers some tips on how you can help make the transition from family to single parent easier for your chidlren. To help avoid a messy custody battle, read Child Custody and Coparenting and learn how to make your new family arrangement work. And, if you're a single mom, read our Single Mom Parenting Tips section for great parenting advice. Budgeting couldn't be any easier than with our home budgeting tips guide. Finally, be sure to check out our section on Tips for Working Moms, which will make balancing work and home a snap.