Christmas Crafts For Kids

You have a million things to do this holiday season and you need to find a way to keep your kids busy.  When the weather outside is blustery, spend time inside with the kids making crafts (unless, of course, you're fond of fashioning igloos in the frozen wasteland that is the outdoors).

Keep you kids entertained making bright cranberry garlands. They are ideal to make with small children and they look great hanging on your mantle or draped across your tree.  Your kids will also be so proud of their decorating accomplishment that they will show off their garlands to all of your holiday guests.

From fun gingerbread dolls to fragrant orange pomanders and more, Christmas crafts are great because you can use them to add a festive spirit to your home d├ęcor.  These crafts will add that Christmas scent to your home and really help to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit.

Trying to stay on budget this Christmas?  How about showing your children how to make their own Christmas gifts? Try our pretty peppermint soaps. They are fun to make and refreshing to have around the house.  Also, your family and friends will love them!

Now that the kids are home from school, let them go wild and decorate some colorful holiday windows around the house - don't worry, it's temporary (both the window decor and the school break!)

Wrap up your gifts this season with our special holiday stencil wrapping paper.  Your kids will have a great time making their own design and they will even want to help you wrap presents this year in the paper they made.

Try out these fun ideas like 3D Christmas ornaments to deck up your house! They look great and are a blast to make!