Christmas Crafts For Kids:
Gingerbread Dolls

Gingerbread men are so prettily decorated that it’s sometime a shame to eat them all. Well, it’s easy to make gingerbread dolls, and you can place them around the house and not worry about the dog eating them! They truly are the perfect Christmas crafts for kids!

You can use the following materials:
brown felt
fabric glue
puffy paints
gingerbread man cookie cutter
rice or small beans

Use your gingerbread man cookie cutter to trace an outline around the brown felt. If the cookie cutter is too small, draw an outline and enlarge it using a photocopier. Cut out two copies of the brown felt for each gingerbread doll.

Use the fabric glue to glue edge of two pieces, leaving about a one inch gap. Fill the gingerbread doll up with your rice or small beans and then glue the seam shut. Let kids decorate the gingerbread dolls with the puffy paints and buttons.

Let them place these neat little gingerbread dolls around the house, under the Christmas tree or on their nightstands.