Christmas Decorations

Prepare for the holidays  and get into that Christmas spirit with some great Christmas decorations! A few simple decorations should do the trick and make your house spirited and cozy for the holidays.  Making your own decorations is also great fun and something you can do together as a family.

Add a lovely homemade touch to your tree with star ornaments.  They look great and are easy to make.  They will even last throughout the year and will be ready to hang again during the next Christmas season. 

Also, try making your own pinecone Christmas wreath to hang on your front door.  It will give your house that great Christmas welcome and is a great decoration for any Christmas party.  You can also deck out the interior of your home by putting pretty miniature pinecone Christmas trees in crevices around the house.  They will make nice little surprises for your guests around every corner.

Wow your guests with sugared fruit displayed on a pedestal plate (and it's not just for show - they taste great too!)  Besides looking and tasting great they are also fat free!  Now you don't have to worry about gaining those extra holiday pounds.

These decorations are easy to make and they can enhance the Christmas spirit in your home!