Christmas Recipes

Christmas recipes impart their full, hearty flavors to comfort our bodies and souls during the cold, wintry season. We've provided some really great Christmas recipes, from soup to dessert.  They will turn any holiday meal into a celebratory feast and they are easy to make!

How about starting this Christmas dinner with a steaming bowl of butternut squash soup. This recipe is filled with goodness including iron, vitamin and a great flavor! Or try our great Chili recipe. Everyone loves a hearty bowl of chili during the winter and our vegetarian chili recipe will please all.

There's nothing more welcoming than a plate of fresh home made cookies or Shortbread. And sugar cookies are standard delicious fare over the holidays.  Let your kids help you with these holiday traditions and you can even cut them out into fun Christmas shapes like stars and trees.

If shortbread and sugar cookies are not your thing then try a batch of these delicious Belgian spice cookies, a traditional Belgian treat this time of year. Take them out of the oven, then watch them disappear before your very eyes! But, no cookie complements Christmas better than the Classic Gingerbread. Delight the kids and guests with your batch of Gingerbread cookies. And our chocolate holiday nests are so good, you won't want to wait until Christmas to make them!

If you're looking for something easy to make yet impressive to look at and taste, try a traditional English trifle or our traditional Christmas eggnog or one of our Healthy Treats.  There is no reason that dessert has to make you feel guilty.

Looking for a way to use up all of that bread you bought for your Christmas meal but that no one ate? Try making bread pudding with it.  It tastes great and prevents waste.

Your family and guests are sure to love these recipe favorites!