Stretching: Stretching Exercises and Stretching Tips

Muscles and tendons tighten with age, making you less flexible and giving you poorer balance. Combat age-related inflexibility by stretching!

Stretching is also an effective way to promote blood circulation and reduce pain and tension. Stretches also help prevent injuries, elevate body temperature, increase heart rate and promote coordination.

Remember to practice diaphragmatic breathing as you stretch to promote relaxation and a calm, alert awareness.

Stretching Tips
The foremost stretching tip is to stretch to the point of mild tension, never beyond!

Also, never hold your breath while you’re stretching. Breathe slowly and breathe from the diaphragm.

Stretching Exercises
Here are some simple stretching exercises you can try just about anywhere.

1. Stretch: shoulders, mid-back, arms, wrists, hands, fingers

  • interlock fingers and turn palms outward
  • extend your arms out in front of you at shoulder level
  • hold to count of 15, release and repeat

    2. Stretch: mid-back

  • sit in chair or stand with hands on your hips
  • gently turn your torso until you feel mild tension
  • hold for 15 seconds
  • repeat on other side

    3. Stretch: quadriceps (front thigh)

  • place your hand against a wall for support
  • grasp the toe on your left foot with your right hand
  • pull your hell toward your bum
  • hold for 15 seconds
  • repeat on opposite side

    4. Stretch: hamstring, calves, ankles

  • stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • toes should be pointed straight ahead and feet flat on floor
  • bend your knees slightly (quarter squat position)
  • hold for 15 seconds