Happy Birthday to You!

Birthdays are one of life’s sure things. Everyone has one, every year! And even though birthdays are an annual event, everyone sees their birthday differently. Some people love them; others would love to forget them! Some people like to celebrate in a big way; others prefer a quiet special day. Some people like to give rather than to receive; others can’t wait to open their presents.

Birthday Cakes – An Old Tradition
But there is one thing that is for certain: birthdays are a tradition that will surely live on. And if you want to create beautiful memories that your whole family will cherish, create some meaningful birthday traditions. And birthday cakes, birthday parties, and birthday gifts will always be part of the celebration.

One of the most enduring birthday symbols is the cake. Its history can be traced back to ancient Greece. At that time, people stuck candles into honey cakes and presented them to the gods on festival days. In the Middle Ages German bakers invented geburstag torten, which is commonly considered to be the forerunner of the modern birthday cake.

Other birthday traditions also have historical origins. Originally candles were used to attract good spirits and well-being. After the birthday cake was prepared, it was surrounded by a protective circle of candles. They remained lit until the cake was served as the evening meal’s dessert. Over time, the custom of blowing out candles, making a wish, then cutting the cake became the standard practice. Of course, if the person having the birthday spoke before finishing their slice – or if the cake knife touched the plate – the wish wouldn’t come true.

Planning A Birthday Party
Today, birthday parties are a right of passage for children as they move from year to year, be it the first birthday party, choosing fun birthday party games for the kids or throwing successful teen birthday parties.

If you have children, you already know that most of them start asking about next year’s birthday plans about two days after their most recent birthday has passed. Where to have the party? What are some of the do’s and don’ts around birthday party planning? What are some birthday party themes? To inspire you, we’ve covered many popular themes including a Spiderman birthday party and construction parties for boys and Princess parties for girls.

Who to invite? Children plan for their birthdays like CEOs plan for the future well being of their companies. And our job, as parents, is to keep all the ever-changing birthday information stored safely in the back of our minds until a few weeks before the next big event. Just to help you out with the birthday party planning, we’ve provided you with some birthday gift ideas as well as a party planner’s checklist. Have fun and enjoy!

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