The Amazing Birthday Cake

No matter how old you are, no birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. As they say, "It’s the icing on the..." well, you know what we mean.

Get Young Kids Involved!
For younger children, we recommend that you engage your child in the preparation of his or her birthday cake. That means letting the child help make the cake. True, you may not get the fancy result that you dreamed of, but you will get a happy child who feels that they have played an important role in their big day.

Today, there are so many cake molds and accessories available that it is almost impossible to make a really awful looking cake. And if you find yourself in an emergency situation, never underestimate the value of a jar of pre-made chocolate frosting and sprinkles. According to kids, you can never have too many sprinkles!

Themed Birthday Cakes
For the more particular birthday planning parent, rest assured that most grocery stores today offer excellent themed birthday cakes. But don’t forget to order at least a week ahead of time.

You can also take your child’s photograph to many bakeries and they will transpose it on to an edible sheet of solid sugar which you can place directly on a cake. The technology is really remarkable and it makes for a great conversation piece.

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