Party Planner’s Checklist

  • Location, location, location This is an important decision because it sets the tone in more than one way for what kind of party you can have. Is the party going to be held at home, in a public park, community center, or rented children’s space?
  • The Facts Choose your date carefully and give guests enough advance notice to avoid scheduling conflicts. Time of day is also important, particularly when entertaining younger children. Who wants to host five cranky five-year-olds?
  • Theme I Once you know where you are going to hold your event, then you can decide what kind of theme will work in that location. Arts and craft parties, for example, are better held outside to avoid permanent damage to your carpets and upholstery. All sports related parties should be held in a park or indoor gymnasium. The reasons are obvious!
  • Theme II Talk to your child and together come up with an idea for the party that is based on something of interest to your child and is manageable for you to implement. Never underestimate the range of your child’s imagination. They will think up ideas that would never have even crossed your mind.

  • Supplies Once the location and theme have been decided, you will have to sit down and make a list of everything you need to successfully pull off this party. Some parties take more planning than others, but every party needs some supplies, whether they are arts and crafts items or sporting equipment.
  • Invitations There’s lots of websites out there that offer free printable birthday party invitations. Most child-related sites offer free birthday party invitations.
  • Food Keep the food easy to make, easy to handle, easy to digest. As a general rule, anything with nuts should be avoided. And always consider the choking factor when planning your menu.
  • Helpers If you are going to need a few extra sets of hands to make the party run smoothly, then arrange for help early in the process. You don’t want to find yourself calling around for help an hour before the party.

You may need the following kids birthday party supplies:

Birthday party supplies (related to serving food)

  • Paper plates (for food and for cake)
  • Napkins
  • Plastic forks and spoons
  • Knife for cutting cake
  • Cups or glasses (juice tetra paks are ideal for toddlers as they minimize spilling)
  • Juice or pop
  • Plastic table cloth
  • Candles and matches for cake

Other kids birthday party supplies that you may need

  • Birthday party hats
  • Birthday party favors
  • Birthday party decorations including streamers, balloons
  • Loot bags
  • Camera and film
  • A fully charged video camera

Lastly, make sure your child is well rested!

Questions or concerns about a birthday party? Chat with other moms in our online forum!