How to Survive Your Birthday Party:
Fun Birthday Party Games

Summer birthday parties
Here’s a great idea that will keep toddlers happy and busy outside. Buy a roll of kraft paper, unroll it and secure it to an outdoor wall or fence. Use as much paper as you can. Then, set up tables with paint, paintbrushes, finger-paints and let the kids express themselves.

A Backyard Full of Balls
This works well for little boys birthday parties. Big balls, small balls, balls that bounce and balls that roll. Boys love balls and they love to have lots of space to throw them and kick them.

There are also lots of great games to play with balls. Dodge ball, ball tag, catch, and kiddy basketball are just a few examples. For the more ambitious, or those with really big backyards or parks near by, a soccer game is a reliable favorite.

You can have two different colored T-shirts with the birthday boy’s special soccer logo on it made for the soccer game and they also make great birthday party favors to take home.

Treasure Hunts
Have you ever met a pirate who didn’t enjoy a treasure hunt? Treasure hunts are a great way to keep a big group happy. To run a successful treasure hunt, however, there are a few things that you need: space and lots of it; team leaders; and a treasure worth finding!

Ideally, the parent should go to the treasure hunt grounds prior to the start of the hunt and hide all the clues where they can expect to be found. Each clue should lead the team to the next clue. And each clue should provide a piece of information that will be needed to solve the final treasure hunt challenge. For example, the combination for the lock that secures the treasure chest.

T-shirt Painting
For children who are slightly older, T-shirt painting is another great party idea. Remember to place cardboard inside each T-shirt prior to painting. That keeps the shirt suitably stretched and in place, which makes the painting much easier. Personalized T-shirts also make excellent birthday party favors.

Winter Birthday Parties
You can also organize an Arts & Crafts party suitable for inside the house. Go to an art supplies store and buy some plaster of Paris and some plain, geometric shaped molds.

Mix a big bowl of the plaster and put enough in each mold to fill it. Then, have every child place their hand in the partially dried plaster and hold it there for about a minute. The plaster should be stiff enough that when the child pulls his or her hand away, the impression of the hand remains firm.

After the plaster dries completely, you can wet your fingers slightly and repair any rough edges.

Other fun children’s birthday party ideas include:

  • birthday party puppet shows
  • paintball birthday party
  • trampoline birthday party
  • bowling birthday party
  • yoga party

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