Princess Birthday Party

This is one of the most popular birthday party themes for little girls. At some point in every little girl’s life, she is going to want a Princess birthday party. It’s virtually a rite of passage! And Princess birthday parties are easy to arrange because little girls love dressing up and make-up and that’s what princesses are all about.

How to Hold A Princess Birthday Party
A Princess birthday party requires lots of old fancy dresses and accessories, and bright colored make-up. After all the princesses are dressed up, they can each make their own princess accessories such as wands and crowns.

In today’s digital age, a digital photo of each princess is a must and it can be emailed to parents after the party.

A Cake Fit For A Princess
Nothing tops off a princess birthday party better than a princess cake. They are so easy to make (especially if you use a cake mix) plus guests and parents alike will be impressed.
You will need the following supplies:

  • Bundt cake pan. (This can be found in any baking supplies store.)
  • A Barbie doll head and torso (it works better if you remove the legs) which you can take from your toy cupboard or buy at a store that sells cake decorating supplies.

After you back the cake, decorate it with pink frosting and sprinkles galore. Once the frosting hardens, insert the doll in the center hole. If the fit isn’t perfect, then you can use candy ribbons to fill in the gaps.

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