Easter Trees

Easter trees are simple to make and look lovely both inside and outside of your home. Use some of the Easter eggs you dyed with your children to decorate the tree.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • A fallen tree branch
  • Paint or spray paint (optional)
  • Large container (i.e. paint bucket, clay pot)
  • Decorations
  • Plaster of Paris, quick drying cement, quilts or sheets
  • Easter grass

1. Find a good tree branch with a decent number of smaller branches. Remember that these little branches need to be strong enough to support your decorations later on.

2. Once you have your tree branch, it’s time to paint it. Make sure you put down some newspaper on your work surface, especially if you are using spray paint. Look for paints that are soft, pastel colors. Alternatively, you can highlight the natural beauty of the branch by leaving it unpainted.

3. Prior to setting your branch in its container, dress the bucket or pot up with some Easter decorations. You can look for holiday images in the stores and then glue them on. You can also use some of our Easter arts and crafts ideas to help you decorate your container. Make sure the container you have selected is large enough to support your branch, though, before you start decorating.

4. Next, set the branch in the container. If you would like to reuse the container after Easter, then it is best to use quilts or sheets to keep the branch in place.

    a) To do this, simply place the branch in the container and then add the quilt or sheet around the branch until it is able to stay upright.
    b) For a more permanent tree, use quick drying cement or plaster of Paris to keep your branch upright in the container. Prepare and pour the material into the container until it is about one to two inches from the rim. Insert the branch until it reaches the bottom of the container. You will need to either stand by the pot holding the branch or secure the branch to something to ensure that the branch stays straight while it dries.
    5. Once the sheets have been laid or your cement has thoroughly dried, you can begin to decorate your tree with any light weight Easter decorations you may have. To really add a sparkle to your tree, you may even want to add some string lights. This is especially nice for Easter trees that will be placed outside your home.
    6. Finish off your Easter tree by putting some Easter grass around the base and maybe even a few Easter eggs.