Mother's Day Gifts

Sure, you can ask mom what she’d like this Mother’s Day. But if she’s anything like my mother, the only response you’ll get is "Oh, I don’t know…" When you’re trying to buy for the mom who has everything and seems to want nothing, here are some unique mother’s day gifts that are sure to please.

  • A Fancy Breakfast Makes Her Feel Special. Giving mom breakfast in bed is a long-standing tradition in many homes, but did you ever stop to think that maybe mom doesn’t actually want to get food all over her bed sheets? This year, consider giving mom a nice sit down breakfast at the kitchen or dinning room table. Light some candles, get out the cloth napkins and be sure to clean up afterwards.

  • A Mother’s Day Gift Basket. Fill it with goodies. This is one way to make sure mom enjoys her day of rest and relaxation at home. Fill the basket with books, her favorite wine, some bath salts, maybe some special Mother’s Day candy or her favorite sweet treat. You might also want to include things that she can enjoy later on, like movie passes, that will let her get an afternoon or evening off once in a while. Pamper her with these beautiful gift baskets: Great Gift Baskets at Spa

  • Make a Memory Jar. For the special mom in your life, whether an aunt, grandmother or friend, here’s a great Mother’s Day gift that can be appreciated long after the Mother’s Day flowers have wilted: make a memory jar. To do this, simply find a jar large enough to stick your hand into. Decorate the jar and then ask other family members and/or friends to write a little note to mom. The notes can be about a favorite memory, something mom said that inspired you or how mom has made a difference in your life. Whenever mom needs a pick me up, she can just reach in and read how much she is loved.

  • Need a special gift? Consider a Spa Gift Certificate. If you’re not convinced mom will be able to spend a day at home without doing housework, then send her out. A day at the spa is always great for some pampering. Many spas offer couples packages, so you can join mom at the spa for a massage, manicure and pedicure.

  • Write Mothers Day Poems or Notes. While Mother’s Day cards are nice, why not leave some Mother’s Day notes around the house. This is the perfect Mothers Day gift for moms who left "I love you" notes in their children’s lunches. But don’t just write I love you. Tell your mom how you love her, how she has inspired you or write some Mother’s Day poems for her. Then, hide the notes all over the house where she can find them all day long.

  • Make a Photo Bouquet. Tired of giving the usual Mother’s Day flower arrangements? Then make mom a photo bouquet. For this project, all you need are some favorite photos of you and mom, some plastic cardholders and the green sytrofoam normally used in flower arrangements. Place the photos into the cardholders and then stick the cardholders into the sytrofoam. To fill out the arrangement, add some flowers.

  • Mother’s Day Photo Quilt. Alternatively, you can send your photos off to a specialist who will print them onto a quilt. A Mother’s Day photo quilt is a great gift that can become an heirloom in your family.

  • Create a Coupon Book. Need some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for younger kids? A "World’s Best Mom" certificate is always appreciated and easy to make. Another gift that all moms love? A chore coupon book that mom can use anytime.

  • Pamper Her. Is the mom in your life a new mom? Then why not give her some pampering products that both she and baby can enjoy? Munchskins Baby Products are made from all-natural ingredients, which means they are gentle enough for baby. But mom won’t be able to resists their delicious scents and how soft the products make her skin feel. Or buy her a gift certificate from her favorite baby shop.

  • Give Her a Calling Card. If your mom lives far away, then send her a calling card so the two of you can enjoy a few more talks.

  • Say it in a Letter. Write your mom a letter. Sounds simple, but how often do you really write to your mom? Be sure to tell your mom how much she means to you. Include a poem if you’re feeling really inspired.

  • Give Her a Peaceful Day. Is your mom always cleaning up after you and the rest of the family? Does she always find time to help out others but never herself? Then let her have a peaceful day. After you’ve let her sleep in, made her breakfast and cleaned up, leave the house and allow her to enjoy a peaceful day all to herself. Make it clear, though, that there should be no housework, cleaning or cooking done by mom today! When you return home in the afternoon, be sure to bring groceries to make dinner or have a reservation at a restaurant.

  • Tickets to a Show. Is there a play, concert or art exhibit that you know your mom would really enjoy? Then get some tickets and spend the day together as a family doing something mom will really love.

  • Give Her the Gift of Time. No, not a fancy new Rolex, but your time. Go out for a walk together or enjoy a long lunch. Ask her about herself and her life; find out something new that you never knew about your mother. There is no better gift you can give your mother than just enjoying being with her.

  • Work Together In the Community. For a different way to celebrate Mother’s Day, consider starting a new family tradition that harkens back to one of the original intentions of Mothers’ Day. Participate, with your mother, in one of the many charity fundraising events that occur on or around Mother’s Day. Take action and give back to the community while spending time with your mom.

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