Mother's Day Crafts: Mother's Day Pop-Up Flower Card

This Mother’s Day craft is great for kids of all ages. All you need is some poster board, scissors, glue, colored paper (construction paper is best) and some felt tip pens or markers.

Pop-Up Flowers
1. Cut out a rectangular piece of poster board twice the size you would like your card to be. Fold it in half and then open it back up.

2. Cut out a smaller rectangular piece of the poster board. Fold it in half and open it back up. Fold the shorter edges about 1cm. Glue these folded edges into the inside of your card. The smaller rectangle should form a tent, or pop-up, when the card is open and will act as a kind of vase or container.

3. With your construction paper, cut out stem, leaves and flowers. Glue these pieces together and then glue them into the card’s "vase." Make sure your flowers don’t peak out over the edge of the card when it’s closed.

4. Finish decorating the card using markers or other paper cut-out designs.