Bedwetting Advice

If your child wets his bed, remember that you are not alone. Some five to seven million kids in the US are bed wetters. Not sure how to deal with your child’s nighttime accidents? Read some bedwetting stories from other parents and learn how they dealt this.

“I found that bedwetter pants really helped my daughter. Since they have a plastic cover, the bed stayed dry. But my daughter would feel wet if she peed, which she didn’t like at all. Since she could feel the wetness, she was more willing to try staying dry at night.”
- A. Konkle, Illinois

“I used a sticker chart to potty train my son which he really liked. I also found it helpful to keep him motivated when it came to staying dry. He really liked getting to put the stickers on the chart and seeing how many nights he was able to stay dry.”
- H. Essyan, Ontario

“I started off using a sticker chart and even though Lily really liked it, it wasn’t enough to keep her dry. I finally gave in and bought a bed wetting alarm. I decided to go with a vibrating one because she’s a pretty light sleeper and I didn’t want the whole family waking up all night long. We still used the sticker chart even after we got the alarm and Lily was so excited when she saw that she had stayed dry for a bunch of nights in a row. After about a month and a half we stopped using the alarm and she’s been dry ever since.”
- A Happy Mom, California

“I found it easiest to just layer the bed. First, I put down a fitted plastic cover on the mattress, then a regular sheet. Then I put on another plastic cover and then a final bed sheet. When Josh would wet the bed, he would take the first layer off and then put on some new pajamas and get back into bed. In the morning, I had him help me put the sheets in the laundry. Eventually, he stopped wetting the bed.”
- Margo Jaint, Iowa

“I thought I’d make going to the toilet during the night easy for my son by putting his old potty training pot in his room. If he had to go, he just had to go over to the potty trainer and do his stuff. This made it easier for him to get up and go when he needed to.”
- Taleen Neige, West Virginia

“My son used pull-ups which were great because they kept the bed dry but he still knew when he was wet. We (my husband and I) never made a big deal about the bed wetting because it was something we went through we with our other two kids. What we did have a problem with was Eric’s older brothers teasing him about the bed wetting. We made it clear to our sons that we would not tolerate that kind of teasing in our house. When they wouldn’t stop, Richard or I would just bring up a story about a time when one of them wet the bed. That usually got them to shut up pretty fast!”
- S. Lefebvre, Quebec

“I just waited for my daughter to grow out of it. I don’t see the point in all these gadgets and training pants and other junk. It took about eight months but she eventually stopped and I never made a big deal about it or anything.”
- Anonymous

“The bed wetting alarm saved my life!!! I had tried everything – hypnosis, medication, homeopathic pills, pull-ups. I even tried changing her diet but nothing worked. I finally decided to buy an alarm system and I made sure I was by her side during the night. She was such a deep sleeper, the alarm wouldn’t even wake her up. But it woke everyone else up! So I’d get her up and take her to the bathroom and then we’d head back to bed. Within three weeks she was waking up dry and we haven’t had a problem since. Who ever invented these bed wetting alarm systems – THANK YOU!”
- Hillary Liter, Arizona