Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Looking for romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day? Our list of the top twelve romantic things to do with your special someone will make every mom’s Valentine’s Day unforgettable this year. So drop off the kids at grandma’s house or at the sitter’s, and take some time off for a much-deserved break! Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

    1. Head back to class. Try a cooking class or a salsa class in order to spice things up. Signing up your husband or partner is also a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for him. What better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than trying a new experience together?
    2. Shake things up. Sampling a different cuisine, such as Indian or Greek, is another way to make Valentine’s Day special. While you may have a favorite restaurant, skip the tried and true for something new. Makes for a perfect date on Valentine’s Day.
    3. Take the plunge. Terrified of heights? Go rock climbing together. Have a fear of water? Go snorkeling. Facing your fears together is a great way to bond and will also help you feel stronger and more confident.
    4. Be royalty for a day. If your budget permits, live like the rich and famous. Rent a flashy car, spend the night at a fancy hotel, or buy front row seats to the hottest performance in town.
    5. Set up camp. If the weather permits, pitch the tent in the backyard. Make hot chocolate and s’mores and cuddle up while you tell your favorite scary camp stories from when you were a kid.
    6. Play favorites. Make a list of your three favorite things and do them. From a walk in the park to getting a massage, this fun Valentine’s day idea is a great way to reconnect with the little things that brighten your life.
    7. Make it a double. A double date, that is. Get together with your favorite friends this Valentine’s Day and catch up on old times.
    8. Take a moment to reminisce. Watch your wedding video or a video of a special time you shared together, such as a family trip or your child’s first birthday. Reliving special moments together is a fantastic way to bond and to remind yourself of what’s truly important in life.
    9. Lighten your partner’s load. Do your husband’s least favorite chore, whether it’s taking out the garbage or picking up the dry cleaning. By doing each other’s least favorite chore, you’ll help to make your loved one’s Valentine’s Day that much more special.
    10. Make a book of memories. Collect all those photos you’ve been meaning to organize and build a special photo album of your favorite moments of you and your children that capture the course of your lives together.
    11. Jot down your favorite moments. Cozy up by the fire this Valentine’s Day and write your favorite memories together in a special journal. Your Valentine’s Day journal makes a great keepsake for the years ahead.
    12. b>Make it Valentine’s Day every month. Celebrate every 14th of the month. Do something simple like cooking your favorite meal or renting the movie you saw together on your first date in order to ensure that you spend quality time with your husband and keep the romance in your life alive and well.