Childhood Success

Every child needs to feel the effects of success in their childhood, as a deficiency in success could impact your child’s ability to succeed later in life. Success boosts our energy and makes us happier. So what’s the magic recipe for helping your child succeed?

Find Your Child’s Strengths
Because many parents nowadays are aiming to have ‘well-rounded’ children, parents may be placing too much pressure on their child to be perfect. Experts suggest that parents instead get to know their child’s strengths and weaknesses, and to help the child cultivate those strengths. This is only possible if you maintain good communication with your child and discuss your child’s inner dreams, goals and concerns.

Play Up Your Child’s Strengths
This concept is increasingly important today. With the prevalence of learning disabilities and ADHD, many children are seen as learning differently from the ‘norm.’ In fact, just because a child is ‘wired’ differently does not place them outside the ‘norm.’ The problem lies in schools where children are taught the same, despite being so distinctly individual and unique.

If you’re aware that your child learns differently, be it a visual or a kinesthetic learner, speak to your child’s teachers. Explain what your child’s strengths are and what teaching techniques might play up these strengths. For example, if your child is a kinesthetic learner, point out to teachers that having students enact a history scene in history class will help your child and the other kinesthetic learners better understand the material! Remember that you can be proactive in your child’s school environment.

Getting to understand your child’s strengths and speaking with teachers at school will help your child achieve success.

Remember, every individual has a unique sense of success. It’s usually as simple as overcoming an obstacle or finding an extracurricular activity that you cherish. Help your child find success to make it a life-time habit.