Single Mom Tips: Parenting Tips for Single Mothers

If you’re a single mom, you may feel overwhelmed at the responsibility of parenting alone. Being a single parent is not an easy tas;: you face unique financial challenges and household responsibilities that are yours to take charge of.

However, being a single mom does not mean that you can’t be a great parent or that your children can’t be happy and well taken care of. Our parenting tips for single moms provide you with the single parenting advice you need to make simple changes that will reap big benefits for you and your family.

Single Parenting Advice for Moms: Tips for Single Parenting

Creating a financial budget is one way in which to organize your life as a single mom. A financial plan will help you save money for your family by minimizing frivolous spending and by reducing stress, particularly in the future. Create a monthly or weekly budget for your family that includes the cost of groceries, clothes and other items so that you can keep track of your spending. Use only one credit card and make sure to pay your bills on time to avoid high interest fees. Buy less expensive brands and use coupons wherever possible. Make a shopping list in the order that you would see the items in the grocery store to avoid straying and spending more. Also, organizing your living space can also help minimize stress for single moms. Keep a calendar of your family’s events and activities, such as soccer practice, and organize mail to reduce clutter. Plan ahead; prepare and pack lunches the night before and establish a clean up routine before going to bed.

Good communication is key as a parent, and in particular as a single mom. If you are single because of a divorce, you should be extra attentive to your child’s emotions, as the effects of divorce on a child’s emotional development can be significant. Listen to your kids and encourage younger children, who often have difficulty expressing their emotions, to be open about their feelings. Let them know it’s okay to feel angry, upset or confused and set aside some time each day to talk with them about this in order to help your kids adjust to divorce, as well as about whatever else is on your child’s mind. Being open with your children about dating is also important. Introduce your significant other to your children as a friend is a good idea, as is letting your children meet your partner in a public place until your children become more comfortable with him. Also, if the circumstances permit, try to maintain a civil relationship with your ex-spouse, and learn about the importance of compromise and not being blameful or hateful toward each other for the sake of your children. Deciding on a common parenting style is important in cases when you have joint custody in order to provide your children with appropriate discipline and structure.

By better organizing your home and finances and by encouraging open communication with your children, you will help to build a happy, healthy home that paves the way for spending fun, relaxing quality time with your children. When spending time with your kids, remember that you don’t need to spoil them with extravagant gifts. Take them to the zoo or the local skating rink or swimming pool and have fun just hanging out. Or try baking cookies together on a rainy day. It’s the little moments where you are all having fun together that your children will remember, not how much money you spent. Also, as a single mom, it is important to make some time for yourself; don’t feel guilty about this or feel that because you’re a single parent, you don’t deserve it, as you deserve to have your interests and identity outside of your role as mom. Join a book club or fitness class, or volunteer at your local library. This will help you feel re-energized, keep you healthy both physically and mentally and keep you in tune with your values and interests, making you a great role model for your kids.