Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is a great time for your children to explore their skills and to learn to be creative.  With this in mind It's A Mom's World has fantastic summer crafts for kids!  These crafts will keep your kids entertained for hours and while their having fun you'll have a some time to relax and enjoy your summer.

A wind chime is an easy summer craft that kids can make. This magical windchime is not only easy for the kids to create, it also makes a wonderful decoration for your patio.

Whether it's for your child's birthday party or a weekend BBQ, a piñata is always lots of fun, for kids of all ages. Our piñata has a unique watermelon design that's perfect for the summertime.

Friendship bracelets are a great summertime craft too. Bracelets are fun for kids to exchange with their friends and only require some colorful string to make.

Looking for a rainy day summer craft? Marble magnets can bring the outdoors inside by using colorful clip art.

Finally, it just isn't summer without a trip to the beach. Letting kids make their very own beach bag tote makes beach fun easy - and fashionable!

Let your kids enjoy the summer holiday with these inexpensive summer crafts and you will never hear, "mom I'm bored."  Find out now what you can do to help your kids have the best summer holiday yet.