Summer Activities: The Fourth of July - Recipes, Activities and Crafts

The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate the rights and liberties that we hold in this country. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence created the United States of America based on the ideals of liberty and equality, establishing a foundation of civil rights that we enjoy to this day.

This year, over 280 million people will celebrate the Fourth of July. Most Americans like to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends. Looking for fresh ideas for this year's festivities? Read on for the Fourth of July recipe ideas and crafts that kids can make.

Fourth of July Recipes

A Fourth of July BBQ is always a classic recipe idea. Serve American classics like hamburgers and hot dogs with coleslaw, veggies served with delicious dip and fresh fruit from your local farmers' market.

Searching for delicious Fourth of July dessert recipes? An American flag sheetcake is a fantastic feast for both the eyes - and your stomach! Prepare a sheet cake in chocolate, vanilla or lemon (or whatever flavor your prefer). Then, coat the cake with a layer of whipped topping. Use blueberries and strawberries for the stars and stripes respectively and, voila! Your very own flag cake!

Popsickle rockets are always a yummy treat for the July long weekend. Use raspberry, cranberry or cherry juice (for the red part), coconut juice or lemon juice (white) and blueberry for the blue section for a couple of hours until juice is slushy. Then, line several 3 oz. paper cups onto a baking sheet. Pour in red juice and let freeze two to three hours (until the juice has become slushy); repeat with white juice and insert a popsicle sick. Let freeze for a couple of hours; then pour in blue juice and let freeze for the same amount of time. Peel off paper cups and serve.

Fourth of July Crafts

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these fun crafts!

Making a patriotic jar candle is an easy way to decorate your patio or dining room table this year. Simply glue festive ribbon and stickers onto an empty, rinsed glass jar. Insert candles. (Be sure to monitor candles for safety).

Candy dishes are another fun Fourth of July craft. Paint the stars and stripes onto a clay pot using acrylic paint; finish with a coat of varnish to seal paint. These Fourth of July candy dishes also make a lovely party favor for guests!

Fourth of July Activities

Have kids create their own Independence Day theater! They can dress up like congressmen or presidents like George Washington or Abe Lincoln and recite the values and ideals that their forefathers dreamed of when first helping to establish the United States in its early years.

Another fun activity is to host their own parade! Create festive pom-poms and tassels using red, white and blue tissue paper and fun patriotic hats. This can even turn into an annual neighborhood event!

Happy Fourth of July!