Child Safety: Toddler-Proofing Your House

Safety Tips
Because your toddler is mobile and rampaging about the house, exploring those dangerous nooks and crannies, it's time to childproof your home!

Here are some tips for childproofing your house:

  1. Poison and Cleaning Products: Move all cleaning supplies to higher cabinets. Toddlers don't know what's safe to root around in and what's dangerous, so just make sure anything that can be squirted into eyes or leaked onto hands is out of reach! Alternately, you can purchase child-proof locks to put on lower cabinets with cleaning supplies.

  2. Small and Sharp Objects: Anything that's small or sharp is dangerous, as kids love exploring with their mouths. Make sure that small and sharp objects are out of reach, so clear tables and counter tops.

  3. Electrical Outlets: Your local hardware store will have electrical outlet covers to protect your toddler. Use covers on any unused electrical outlets. Keep as many electrical cords out of reach as you can. For example, put cords behind furniture and never leave cords dangling.

  4. Plastic bags: Plastic bags pose a serious dangerous for toddlers, as they can easily asphyxiate. Be sure all plastic bags are kept in a container or bag holder and stored out of reach.

  5. Stairs: Block off stairs with an adjustable child safety gates.

  6. Stove: While cooking, always face pot handles inwards, so that a curious toddler won't reach for them.

One of the best home safety precautions you can take is actually to always watch your child. Supervise to make sure they're not near stairs. But remember that even under close supervision, all it takes is one moment to put a little hand on a warm stove.

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