Toilet Training Boys

Much to the dismay of a few parents, potty training boys is not as easy as potty training girls. While no one is sure of the exact reason why boys take longer to learn, the fact that they first need to learn sitting down and then learn again how to use the toilet standing-up may be one cause. Another explanation is that moms do most of the potty training which means boys don't have the best role model to teach them.

Generally speaking, boys lag behind girls by about six months when it comes to potty training. While every child is different, on average, only about 50% of boys are day-trained by the time they are three-years-old versus 70% of girls. To help your son master the porcelain throne in your home a bit sooner, here are some tips for toilet training boys:

  • Although you may be tempted to "skip a step" and teach your son to urinate standing up right away, it's best to start off sitting down. This way he knows that everything that comes out from that end is supposed to end up in the toilet. Also, since children have little control over their bladder and bowel movements in the beginning, almost everything comes out at once. Wait until he knows what he's doing sitting down before graduating him to standing up.

  • Using a male model is best when it is time to teach your son how to pee standing-up. Ask Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Bob or your good friend Joe to take your place as your son's teacher.

  • If your son is reluctant to try peeing any way other than sitting, try making standing-up more enticing by giving him a biodegradable, flushable object to aim at in the toilet. This will make it more amusing for him. Otherwise, you may find him creating his own fun targets for practice, like the raised toilet seat, the toilet tank, the wall…

  • If your son is showing signs of toilet training resistance, or if you are in a situation where you must toilet train quickly, consult a guide to potty training boys. Some potty training guides teach you how to have your child potty trained in as few as three days. So now you need not worry about having your child trained for kindergarten.

For more information on  potty  training and your child check out our potty training videos.