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Finding the right name for your baby can be tricky. Asking friends may mean that you get a list of baby names that you may not necessarily choose yourself. Some parents decide to pick a name based on it origins and meanings. It's always a good idea to check out the baby name meanings; this may also be an easy way to whittle down your ever-growing list!

But first, check out our comprehensive list that includes names for boys as well as baby girl names and our list of top baby boy names and baby girl names.

Meanings and Origins, Baby Names
Although the most common baby names tend to change over time, they never change quick enough to avoid having your child grow-up with five other classmates with the same name. Even if you look at only the top 100 baby names, the lists of popular baby names will always be embedded. This is why many people these days are looking for more unusual baby names.

Original baby names can come from anywhere. Just look at the celebrity baby names that have been coming out lately. Apple, Coco, Brooklyn, and Jet are just a few of the many celebrity children whose parents decided to forge a new path when it came time to name their baby. If you think that these names are better reserved for the baby middle names, then perhaps you'd prefer to look at the origin and meaning of the baby names instead.

Female baby names often have their meanings found in typical feminine ideals, like grace (Anita), beauty (Calista), and kindness (Mildred). Likewise, baby boy names are often based on typical masculine qualities such as power (Eric), strength (Brian), and nobleness (Patrick). Once you have decided what meaning your baby names should have, make a baby names list of all the names that fit. Then it's just a matter of picking and choosing.

Exotic Baby Names
Choosing a name from your cultural, religious or ethnic background is a great way to ensure your child's name is unique. Even if the baby names you pick are classic baby names within your own heritage, this doesn't always mean that they are often heard where you currently live. Discover exotic and ethnic baby names here that will help you find the perfect unusual baby name for your child:

Names for Baby
Perhaps your religion is very important to you. Perhaps you'd prefer to choose proper Christian baby names for your children. Bible baby names are very common in our society and are easy to find. Just open your bible and choose your biblical baby names!

Looking to choose more alternative baby names? What about Gothic baby names? Although it may sound strange, many of the names have actually begun to find their way into the mainstream. Ivy, Autumn, Scarlet and Willow are all girls baby names that are not unusual to hear. However, don't expect Blade, Eclipse, Requiem and Sabbath to crack a Top 10 List of 2004 baby names.

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No matter what name you decide to go with, strive to pick a name that means something to you. Whether it is a reflection of your heritage, the name of your favorite movie character or the name of dearly loved relative, your baby's name should be important to you. Remember, you can create the origin and meaning to your baby's name.

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Choosing your baby's name is a tremendous responsibility, and with so many options, it's no easy task. Baby Name Meanings and Origins has over 25,000 names listed on, sorted alphabetically, by country, meaning, popularity, even a list of celebrity names to make your task easier. Happy name hunting!