Women's Health

Celebrate your womanhood by learning about the health issues that are unique to being female. A woman tends to nurture those around her to the exclusion of her own special needs. That's why we created this section just for you.


Complicated Marvel

By being informed about women's health issues you can be proactive in protecting yourself against the diseases that are specific to women and learn how to weather the various stages in life that come with being a woman. Start by learning about your own reproductive system, that complicated marvel that allows a woman, among other things, to have babies. In our gynecology section we give you an overview of the workings of your body and tell you how to maintain your gynecological health. We tell you about Pap smears, pelvic pain, fibroids, urinary problems, yeast infections, and much, much more.

Is the state of your menstrual cycle of concern to you? We give you an overview of the basic mechanics of menstruation and then move on to special areas of concern. Is your cycle irregular, non-existent, painful as all get out? Our articles explain these common phenomena and give you some idea of what to do to get back on track.

Of course, just when you at last get a handle on your menstrual cycle, menopause arrives.  Here is yet another female life passage that is complicated and requires a somewhat steep learning curve. How do you know when menopause is on the horizon? How can you know for sure that you no longer need birth control? Could your symptoms be signs of impending menopause?

HRT Debate

Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and brittle bones are only a few of the symptoms of menopause with which you'll need to cope. Read about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), sift through the medical debate and discover once and for all, whether HRT does or does not cause cancer. 

No discussion of women's health would be complete without a discussion of the cancers that are specific to women. Learn about the warning signs of some of the deadliest cancers that exist: ovarian, cervical, and fallopian tube cancer, so you can receive treatment as soon as possible. Prompt treatment at the earliest stages is the best way to come out of the cancer war a winner.

Breast cancer isn't specific to women, but targets many more women than men. There is no woman alive who doesn't know someone who has been through the wringer with this scary disease. Learn how to know when a lump is of no concern or when it should be checked right away. Stop cancer in its tracks before it stops you.