Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Now that your toddler is not relying solely on breast milk or formula to satisfy her nutritional needs, your will have more responsibility as to just what you serve her. Read about the recommended nutritional guidelines for toddlers to help you create healthy meals for toddlers. And be sure to check out the food guide pyramid for important information on what foods your child should be eating from each food group, as well for information on serving sizes.

Eating habits that are formed in childhood will stay with a person all their life. Eating Right For Life can help you understand better just why it is so important to make sure your toddler eats a healthy diet.

Many people are now vegetarians. The question is, can vegetarian toddlers get the nutrients they need? As you begin to introduce solids into your child’s diet, it’s important to remember that not all adult foods should be given to your toddler right away. Find out which foods are safe to introduce when in Which Solids When.

Are you noticing that your toddler has developed some discriminating tastes lately? The Trouble With Food can help you better understand your picky eater. Collect some clever menu tips to pique the interest of your fussy eater.

Worried that your toddler might have a food allergy? Food allergies are actually surprisingly common in young children. Learn more about them and just what you can do for your toddler is he has an allergy in Common Food Allergies.

Trying to come up with some healthy snacks for toddlers? Snack Time has some great suggestions that your children will just gobble right up!