Baby Bath Essentials

There are certainly basic things that any parent can plan on buying for their new baby's bath time. You'll need some towels, soap and a place to put the baby. In addition, however, there are some added products and hygiene tips that can make it easier for you to care for your newborn.

Hygiene Products

Two items that you'll certainly want to purchase are nail clippers and a small brush. When the baby is first born, you'll be surprised at how long her nails appear to be. Don't make the mistake, however, of trying to cut them too soon! Most nurses and doctors will tell you to leave their nails for three weeks since the nails are actually attached to the skin in the beginning. By the time they are about three weeks old, you can cut the baby's nails. Continue to cut her nails whenever they seem to be getting long or scratching her. A baby brush is another important product. It is much softer and smaller than a regular brush and can gently comb your baby's hair after the bath.

Safety Bathing Tub

Make sure to purchase a safety seat where you can bath your infant. There are many types of seats on the market today. One type is a plastic seat that is curved to fit the shape of the baby. You can put the baby directly into the bathtub and kneel down beside her to bath her; or you can put her on the counter by the sink or in the sink itself. If you are going to use the sink, you'll need to be sure that you have a large enough sink to fit the child and the safety seat! Some people put a small, inflatable tub next to the sink and fill it with warm water. They then put the bath safety seat into this inflatable tub. This allows you to bathe the baby without having to lean down or kneel over the large bathtub. No matter what contraption you buy, make sure that you watch the baby at all times and that you use water that is not too hot for bathing the baby.

Towel ‘Em Off

Make sure that you have a towel handy when the baby is done bathing. You don't want to have to leave the baby to go and retrieve a towel. There are some very clever towels on the market today that you might want to purchase. They include two Velcro flaps that you put around your neck. This allows you to have both arms free to scoop the child form the tub and then to wrap the towel around them. Look for a towel of this sort, or a similar idea, which allows you to keep your hands free. The baby is very slippery and wet when you take her from the tub and it's important to have your hands as free as possible!

Gentle Cleaner

Purchase a hypo-allergenic baby soap to use on your baby's skin. You can either put it onto their skin with a wash clothe or with your hand. Pay attention to your baby's skin and make sure that she isn't having a reaction to the soap. Most babies will be fine with most baby soaps. Purchase something that smells good to you, that is made for babies, and that doesn't have unnecessary chemicals in it.

Bath time can be fun for the whole family. While your baby may not like the first few baths, she may soon come to enjoy this time and to relax in the water. The bath is a great way to relax a baby before bed.  Keep your supplies handy and help to make this a fun and nurturing time for you with your new baby!