Must-Haves For Parents

It's not always easy to know exactly what you'll need for your new baby. If you poll ten people, they'll give you 11 difference responses about the most essential baby items. Here, we offer 5 items that will certainly help with the transition to parenthood. You'll certainly need others - but these should get you started on the road towards getting organized and ready for the baby's arrival.

Swaddle Blankets

Research has actually shown that babies sleep better and are more comfortable when they are swaddled. Swaddling mimics the feeling of security that they had in the womb, and it allows the baby to feel safe in the new world where he's emerged. The nurses in the hospital will show you how to swaddle. Don't worry if you don't get it at first. Keep practicing and have an experienced friend or a parent show you again and again until you get it. It is easiest to swaddle with a thin blanket that is not too large. Purchase a few of these to have on hand. There are also a number of products on the market today that try to make swaddling easier. One such product, called Swaddle Me, helps you to swaddle with the attached Velcro that it provides.

Co-Sleeping & More

Many parents will decide to put their baby close to them, at least for the first few weeks. While you may have a beautiful nursery ready for your baby - it may be awhile before he actually sleeps in there. Most parents are exhausted when they first have a baby, and it's much easier to collect the baby from a co-sleeper or bassinet in your room for each feeding than it is to get up and get them from another room. For this purpose, have a bassinet or a co-sleeper ready for baby's arrival. If you decide not to have him in your room, that's certainly fine. But, having this item ready will give you the option. Doctors do not recommend sleeping with your baby in your bed, as you can easily roll over onto him.

Back Support

Whether you are going to nurse or bottle feed, you'll want to have a way to support your back while feeding. If you can afford it, purchase a rocking chair or glider. This is a great place to kick up your feet and to rock the baby to sleep while feeding him. For a less expensive option, purchase a Boppy or nursing pillow. There are many products on the market today of this sort. They are in a "C" shape and they fit around your back, giving you back support and an elevated place to put the baby while feeding.

Bouncing Time

While you'll enjoy holding your baby a lot in the beginning, you will need somewhere to put him at times! It's also not good for a baby to be held all the time, as he'll get too used to this. Purchase either a swing or a bouncy seat. There are oodles of these on the market today and they will give you a place to put the baby that is safe and comfortable. These products often have vibrator features, music and more to entertain and sooth the baby.

Sling ‘Em

While you'll need to put the baby down at times, you'll also want to carry him around at other times. Purchase a sling or a baby wrap to carry your baby in. The baby will love being carried around close to your chest and will feel comforted and secure. Make sure, when you purchase one, to read the directions and to know how it works. Some baby carriers are only good for older babies while others are intended for the very young.

With these supplies in mind, you'll be ready to introduce your home to your baby! You'll certainly need bath supplies, a crib, a stroller and many other items, but listed here are some of the unique baby supplies that people often forget about, and that will help to ease your transition to parenthood. Good luck and have fun!