Baby Rooms and Baby Nursery Themes

As your pregnancy progresses and you look forward to the birth of your new bundle of joy, baby nursery decorating is a great way to prepare a small world for your baby. Decorating a nursery can be a lot of fun, but it can also be trying if you don't stay focused on your child's needs and the saying that 'less is more.' With so many great nursery designs out there, it's tempting to take a bit of everything you see out there, and a bit too much of everything. Sometimes it's best to limit the amount of nursery themes you bring in to your child's room to give the room a more cohesive look. With all the tempting baby nursery themes out there, it's hard to chose just one. The most important tip is to choose a theme that suits your individuality.

Baby Nursery Décor Ideas: Keep it Simple
Nursery room ideas abound, which makes nursery room décor intimidating if you don't stay focused. Baby nursery design is an art, just as another home decoration is; but it's also more difficult as you have to keep your baby's needs in mind. Keeping it simple and uncluttered is important as you're probably going to bring a lot of things into the room as your child grows older. Make sure there's enough room in your baby nursery design for diaper storage and a place to keep that growing pile of toys and clothes.

Nursery Room Themes
Nursery decorations come in an unlimited assortment of themes. Whether you choose character themes, such as one of your favorite cartoons or whether you choose a color theme, an important rule in baby nursery decorating ideas is to get a unified and consistent look. If you want a blue color scheme and you want to include elements from your favorite children's cartoon TinTin, then put the cartoon theme in one central baby nursery object, such as a quilt. If your TinTin quilt has blue in it, then use that blue to paint the walls. Nursery curtains are another great way to introduce a theme; if you have a character theme fabric, you can sew your own curtains or take it to a tailor to make a delightful baby nursery.

Nurseries these days tend to be more unisex than they were a few years ago. Traditional gender roles have changed so that even little girls grow up appreciating cars and little boys know how to bake a good cake. That means that more nursery decorating ideas center around gender-neutral colors, such as soft yellows and greens.

Even though times are a changing, there are still many parents and grandparents who prefer the traditional nursery ideas. Baby boy nursery themes center around mobility and sports. Baby girl rooms usually have more cuddly stuffed animals to promote a sense of social nurturing. Decorating your nursery also means choosing a featured color; paint the rooms the traditional blue and pink or have off-white walls with blue or pink features. Baby nursery designs should keep the featured color in mind.

Nursery Furniture
You'll need a baby bassinet and a changing table. Some dressers come especially made with a changing table. You can either decorate nursery furniture or buy already decorated baby furniture. Baby nursery furniture usually comes in a set, so decorating a baby nursery is easier. Even if you're buying discount nursery furniture, you can usually find matching items.

Painting Your Nursery
When painting your nursery, remember that fumes are toxic to a baby. If you're painting the nursery during your pregnancy, have your husband perform the dirty work. If you're painting it after your newborn's birth, take your baby out for a daytrip while your partner paints. Leave all the windows open to speed the drying time.

If you want to include the walls in your nursery themes, then you can design nursery murals that adhere to your color and pattern scheme. You'll also want to decorate those nursery walls with baby nursery pictures. Baby room pictures are easy; document your newborn's first weeks with your camera and hang them up on the wall. Other great baby nursery ideas include using that hand and footprint set paint, applying it to your baby's hands or feet, and letting him walk on the walls to make an interesting baby nursery mural. See? Baby nurseries can be that easy to design! Decorating baby nursery furniture is also easy if you place a few of these hand and footprints on the dresser or changing table.

For more great ideas on how to paint your baby's nursery, and for some important safety tips, check out our article on painting a nursery.

Need More Decorating Ideas for Baby Nursery?
There are some specific ways of making baby rooms feel comfy, cozy and still feel as individual as your baby. Baby room ideas and baby room themes include using Japanese arrangement styles to position your furniture. Other baby room designs focus on providing the mother and child a fun place to breastfeed and tumble play.

It's important to figure out the function of your baby nursery when decorating baby rooms. Parents need to keep in mind how they fit in to the baby nursery. For example, some mothers incorporate their post-pregnancy exercise routines into the baby room themes; they use yoga mats placed on the floor to change their babies and have baby nursery murals featuring warm, flowing images of yoga poses. Because moms spend a lot of time in the baby nursery, these baby room decorations can promote a healthy attitude toward exercise and wellbeing.

Baby room decorating ideas can be fun for dad too and can involve sports such as putting up a baby basketball net for when your baby is older. Just remember to make room for baby!

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