School Age: Activities

FUN Activities for Kids! Kids love the chance to make arts and crafts or do other fun activities with parents, friends, caregivers or siblings. The list of ideas of activities is virtually endless. Here, we've compiled a list of fun things to do, whether it's holiday craft ideas or fun recipes you can try with your kids!

Just remember that there are no rules when it comes to kid's crafts! Their imagination doesn't have to conform to adult standards of perfection.

There are also many educational games that will not only give your child hours of enjoyment, but also help her learn. Of course, the computer is also a great source for games, particularly with the Internet and online games. But there can also be a lot of dangers lurking on the Internet. Using the Internet explains what these dangers are and how you can protect your child.

Teaching your kids about recycling is an important acitivity that helps develop important life-long habits that are good for the environment- they can be lots of fun too! Discover our exciting and interactive kids recycling projects.

Lastly, remember that time spent in activities with your kids is precious-it's a bonding experience that will form lasting memories, not to mention great mementos of childhood art. Have fun!

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