School Age: Parenting Tips

Schoolage Tips Every parent wants the best for their kids. So, what can you do to promote health and happiness in your child's life? Here you can get great tips for how to make sure your child succeeds during his school age years.

Read up on useful tips that enhance your child's outlook on life. Childhood Success will help you encourage your child's special talents. You can make sure your family is giving your child the developmental assets that lead to healthy mental and physical growth. Give Your Kids a Sense of Control has some great advice on how to encourage your child to think for herself.

Also, did you know that resilience is a personality habit that is the greatest indicator for success in life? Fortunately, it's a skill that can be cultivated in your child. Another great skill to teach your child is self control. Having a sense of self-control can help your child's academic performance as well as personal success.

Talking to kids about sex is never an easy task. But it is an important one, so take the initiative to discuss the birds and the bees with your child. Another hard topic to cover? Drugs and alcohol. Discussing these issues early, though, is important as research has shown that children are being exposed to cigarettes and alcohol at a younger age than ever before. Talking About Drugs, Alcohol, and Cigarettes will equip you with the tools you need to talk to your child.

Having trouble with getting your child to do his homework? Read our Homework Help section and learn how to set your child on the road to academic success with our helpful homework tips.

Even though your child is still young, he likely already understands how important money is. Giving your child an allowance is a great way to teach your child about the value of a dollar. Plus, an allowance can aid in the development of financial planning skills early on. And don't forget the importance of teaching your child to help out with chores; our tips will make chore time fun for the whole family!

Kids can't be good all the time. When it comes to child discipline, make sure you do it right. Using Rewards and Punishment can provide you with tips to help your discipline actions be more affective.

Is your teen about to start high school? Discover our parenting tips on starting high school and help make this important stage of transition a fun one for your teenager. Surviving the teen years can be hard on kids - and their moms! Find helpful tips on helping your child through this time of transition as well as advice on how to maintain a close bond with your child while giving her the space she needs - and deserves - in order to grow up.

And while it can be a scary topic to think about, child abduction is unfortunately a reality. Be sure to check out our Child Abduction Prevention section for useful tips on keeping your child safe.

Academic success is central not only to your child's school career, but for his future. Find tips and advice on how to encourage your child to do his best at school, including tips on how to get him to do his homework, to ensure that your child excels in the classroom - and in life.