Almost 400 years ago, the pilgrims sat down among their Native American fellows at the first Thanksgiving meal. They had much to give thanks for; foremost, the food and gifts the Native Americans had given them to help them survive the vigorous New England winter. It's such a fascinating story; you'll enjoy reading all about the History of our country's Thanksgiving celebrations as well as harvest festivals around the world.

As we sit down with our family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner this November, we also have much to give thanks for. Maybe for us, it’s not the food that’s so important.

As we look around the thanksgiving table, it’s the faces of parents, our siblings, children, friends and neighbors that we are grateful for—all those people who have shaped and enriched our lives.

The splashes of fall color fill us with the radiance of this fading season. Now is the time to look back on our winter, spring and summer—we are reaping the fruits of our labor this fall.

Contemplate how you have sown these fruits—the relationships we create, the way we carry our lives. What would you do differently? Look back to the Native Americans of that first Thanksgiving. They were so careful in cultivating their land, their fruits, their relationships and they were so giving with our ancestors.

Look homeward and remember to celebrate the season in the true nature of thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!