Got The Winter Blues?

Having a hard time getting into the winter spirit? We've got some great ideas for family outings, as well as for some cozy quality time at home.

There's lots of fun things to do when the weather turns cold and snow covers the ground.  You don't have to huddle up inside! Take the kids out and enjoy some fun winter sports like skating, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or enjoy some old-fashioned winter family fun!  

If you're heading out to shovel the snow, take care by reading our snow shoveling safety tips. Find out what you can do to prevnt a shoveling related injury this year. And if the weather is just too miserable to enjoy, then have some fun in the kitchen cooking up a storm with your kids or try our easy-to-follow winter recipes!  Nothing says winter like the smells of hearty, homecooked food!

On those cold winter days, staying indoors is sometimes a must. Make chilly afternoons fun by teaching your children fun winter crafts.  These are activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

More than just a case of the winter blues, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects many women, and can have serious health consequences. Read on to learn about what causes seasonal affective disorder, what the symptoms of SAD are and what you can do to treat it.