Bullying Prevention

Here’s yet another astounding bullying statistic: 1 in 5 kids report having bullied other children. No one wants their child to physically or mentally harm a classmate, so how do you prevent your own children from bullying others?

Many children bully others because the peer environment in elementary schools breeds insecurity. Do what you can to build your child’s self-esteem, whether if be helping them enroll in activities that interest them or promoting social bonding.

What about kids who are bullied? Teaching coping strategies to kids will help them deal with a bully the first time to prevent further bullying.

How To Deal With Bullies
Stop bullies by teaching your child bullying coping strategies.

- tell an adult when bullying happens, remember that telling is not being a tattle tale!
- stay calm and respond firmly
- alternately, say nothing and walk away calmly
- make friends that stick up or each other
- don’t hang out in unsupervised school areas
- take a different route to and from school
- act confident

Following these tips will help your child in dealing with bullies. But what can you do in your everyday parenting to help your child know how to deal with bullies? Well, encouraging and praising them often gives your child the self-esteem. Enroll them in activities they are excited and genuinely energetic about to help build a positive self-image. Also, encourage them to bring their everyday problems to you. That opens communication channels that alert you to bullying behavior so you can talk to your child’s school.

Think your child might be a victim of bullying at school? Read this article on the warning signs of bullying that will help you to identify common bullying warning signs in order to take action against children bullying.