Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The standard Father’s Day gift has always been a tie. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, ties are the number one gift for Father’s Day. While there is nothing wrong with a tie, especially if dad has asked for one, sometimes it’s nice to receive some unique Father’s Day gifts instead.

If you want to give dad something a bit more original (or are just stuck for a Father’s Day gift idea), then take a look through this list. There’s bound to be something for the special father figure in your life!


  • Remember Special Moments Here’s a book that will be dad’s all time favorite. A few weeks before Father’s Day, gather the kids together and start reminiscing about your favorite and/or funniest moments with dad. Then, have your children write out the story (or do it for them if they’re not old enough) and draw some illustrations for each memory. You might also want to look for some Father’s Day quotes that you can write at the bottom of each page. Now all that’s left to do is to head on down to your local print shop to have the book bound and laminated.
  • Give Him What He Never Gets Moms always get flowers, poems and candy for Mother’s Day, but what about dad? Buy some red roses (the official flower for Father’s Day) and write dad some Father’s Day poems. It doesn’t matter if they are sentimental, sweet or just plain silly – dad will love it anyways. Have your kids create a play for dad, then help them write some Father’s Day songs that they can perform during the show.
  • Quality Time Plan to spend the entire day with dad this Father’s Day. Think of activities that dad would enjoy, whether it is going to a baseball game or to a museum, and get tickets in advance so you don’t have to waste any time standing in line. Make a reservation at dad’s favorite restaurant for after the event and have a good chat. After all, when was the last time your really talked with your father?
  • Create A Father’s Day Gift Basket Gift baskets are a great way to present a lot of little gift items that dad will enjoy. Instead of using the usual wicker basket, though, why not look for a more novel way to dress up these Father’s Day gifts. If dad is a movie buff, then use a clean and empty popcorn bucket as a basket. Do his Father’s Day presents have a sports theme, like football? Then buy an inexpensive helmet to fill. Top off the gift with some Father’s Day balloons and a homemade Father’s Day card.
  • Tell Dad Just How Sweet He Is If dad has a sweet tooth, then get him his very own Father’s Day candy. Many chocolate and candy manufacturers will allow you to order custom labels for their products. These personalized treats will make a great addition to any gift basket you may be giving dad.
  • Gadgets Galore Few dads can resist the lure of the gadget. It doesn’t matter what the gadget does or if dad even knows what the gadget is for, if it makes loud noises and has pulsating lights, dad will be happy. While a practical gadget that has some purpose in dad's life is probably best, most dads will be happy with any gadget that provides beeping sounds, flashing lights and lots of buttons to play with.
  • His Favorite Hobby The best way to come up with a Father’s Day gift is to think of dad’s interests. Plane enthusiasts might enjoy a remote controlled plane. Bird lovers will appreciate a book on different birds along with digital binoculars that allow dad to take a picture of a bird right away. If dad is a bookworm, then give him some gift certificates to his favorite book store or sign him up for a lecture given by one of his favorite authors.
  • Monthly Clubs Give a gift that keeps on giving – get dad a membership for a "Of-the-Month Club." Most clubs focus on edible delights and you can get a membership in a club that is all about wine, beer, chocolate, candy, popcorn, cheese, cookies, jams and jellies, nuts, chips, fruit, ice cream, scotch, pie, cake, cheesecake, salsa, BBQ sauce, full meals or will provide with a full gourmet food basket every month. If none of these clubs suit your dad, then maybe he’d prefer a club that sends him a new dog collar, cigar, book, flower, craft kit, fishing lure or sock knitting kit every month. And if all else fails, there’s always the Tie-of-the-Month Club.