Mother's Day Breakfast Menu

Whether you give your mom breakfast in bed or set the table for an elegant breakfast, here's a menu that every mom can enjoy.  Making your mom a special Mother's Day breakfast not only is a wonderful gift that shows her that you care, it frees mom from the normal daily routine.  Just don't forget to wash all the dishes when your done!

For the perfect Mother's Day breakfast start off with a refreshing and healthy banana berry smoothie.  These not only taste great and are low in fat, they are packed with many nutrients and anti-oxidents that will keep your mom healthy and feeling great all day long.  Next serve mom a homemade  frittata.  She'll think you ordered out to a fancy restaurant it will taste so good.

Now, even though it is breakfast no meal is complete without a yummy dessert.  Try following our recipe for a luscious and healthy  fruit salad and or freshly baked banana bread that can last mom all day long.

Show mom you care by not only giving her a present but by giving her a present you took the time to make.  And what better gift can mom receive than a perfect breakfast to start off a wonderful day dedicated to her.