Summer Crafts for Kids: Watermelon Piñata

This watermelon piñata is an easy summer craft for kids that's perfect for a birthday party or for a family BBQ.

What You'll Need

  • balloon
  • bowl or plastic tub (this will help keep the balloon steady)
  • newspaper
  • plastic table cloth
  • large mixing bowl
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup of flour
  • 3 of tablespoons sugar
  • saucepan
  • wire whisk
  • yarn
  • crepe paper streamers: light green, green, pink, white
  • black paint (acrylic paint works best)
  • large paintbrush
  • 4 glue sticks
  • scissors
  • pen or marker
  • individually wrapped candies
  • small trinkets and toys
  • tape
  • Liquitex Basics Gesso
  • Note: You will need to wait 2 to 3 days for this project before you can hang it up.


      1. In order to make the papier mâché paste, bring two cups of water to a boil. Whisk together remaining two cups of water and flour in a large mixing bowl. When water comes to a boil, add the flour mixture and bring to a boil again. Take off from heat and stir in sugar. The paste will begin to thicken as it cools; allow the paste to cool completely. A thin skin will form on top.
      2. Blow up balloon and stand it up in the small bowl or plastic tub. This will keep the balloon steady as you work.
      3. Cover your work surface with a plastic tablecloth and place the balloon and bowl on top.
      4. Once the papier mâché paste has cooled, remove and discard the thin skin layer. Place bowl of paste next to the balloon to minimize the mess.
      5. Tear newspaper into the strips. Don’t use a scissor for this steps, as tearing the newspaper will create rough edges that will help keep the surface smooth.
      6. Dip one strip of newspaper at a time through the paste, being sure to coat it thoroughly. Squeeze off excess paste by pulling it through your fingers.
      7. Place strip of newspaper at an angle on the balloon. Repeat this step, overlapping newspaper strips. You should cover the entire balloon, except for a small opening at the top of the balloon which should be approximately two inches wide.
      8. Allow this first layer to dry overnight. Cover your bowl of papier mâché paste with plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out.
      9. Next, add your hanger. Measure out a sufficient amount of heavy string or yarn so that you can wrap around the balloon twice. Find the center of the yarn; this needs to be taped to the bottom of the balloon. Bring both sides of the string up and have them follow the sides of the balloon, being sure to connect them at the top. Tie the end into a knot and tape down in order to secure.
      10. Start your second layer of newspaper, ensuring that the string is also covered. Let dry.
      11. Finish with a third layer of newspaper strips, being sure to smooth down any rough edges as you go. Let dry.
      12. Cut several crepe paper streamers into two inch squares.
      13. Cut white crepe paper streamer squares in half - these streamers need to be smaller than the rest.
      14. When balloon is thorougly dry dry, paint it with a layer of Liquitex Basics Gesso. This step makes sure the newspaper isn't visible through the crepe paper. Let dry. Continue to use the bowl or plastic tub to keep the balloon steady.
      15. Turn balloon over so that it is bottom side up. Cover the bottom portion of the balloon using a glue stick and light green crepe paper.
      16. Set balloon on its side. Draw a football shape from to bottom on one side using a black marker or pen (preferrably a felt tip pen). This section will be the pink part of the watermelon. Draw an outline around the football shape; this will be the white rind that surrounds the pink interior of the watermelon. Follow your drawings as you glue on the crepe paper, beginning first with the white crepe paper. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Be sure to glue on the squares individually, overlapping them in order to create a fringe effect. Repeat with pink crepe.
      17. Next, glue on the green squares. Begin approximately two-and-a-half inches to the left of the white section. Repeat this on the other side of the white, and continue around the balloon, making a few evenly spaced green stripes. use the light green crepe squares to fill in the remaining areas.
      18. Pop the exposed part of the balloon at the top end. Remove the balloon fragments carefully through the top opening.
      19. Fill approximately halfway with candy, trinkets and toys.
      20. Cover the opening with tape. Use tape to cover the opening. Next, use light green paper squares to cover the opening.
      21. Paint the seeds onto the pink paper using black paint and a paintbrush. Allow to dry.

    Then, hang and enjoy!


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