Teen Birthday Parties

Like pretty much everyone with adolescents and teenagers, birthday parties can be a challenge. So here are some interesting and unique birthday party ideas.

Make Your Own Pizza Party
Most teenagers love to eat (usually fast food) and usually at hours that most of us would rather sleep. However, here’s a way to combine some of their eating passions with a healthy, fun twist. Let them make their own pizzas. All you have to do is supply the pre-mixed pizza dough and several bowls of possible toppings.

Then, do yourself a favor and get out of the way! You can top off the Pizza Party with a rented movie, and your guests will leave happy.

Volunteer Your Time Party
Adolescents and teenagers are definitely at the age where they are becoming more conscious of the world around them. Raising socially conscious kids can only benefit everyone as they grow to become the next generation of leaders.

You can do your part by checking around beforehand and coming up with a list of possible socially-responsible activities that your child and their friends can undertake. Cleaning up a neglected park; painting the equipment in a run-down playground; visiting sick children in the hospital and reading them stories… the opportunities are plentiful.

It would also be a nice touch to provide all the guests with a cool group T-shirt and baseball hat so that they look like a group when they are out on their social mission.

Make-Over Party
Have you ever worn red and blue nail polish on alternating fingers? Well, it’s just a suggestion and at a Make-Over-Party it’s the perfect time to try something a little off the wall. Temporary hair color, henna, make-up ideas from the magazines…. This is the chance to try them all and get all your friends’ opinion in one blast.

Another approach to a Make-Over-Party is to hire a professional make-up artist and let him or her go to work on the crowd. The resulting photos will be a great keep sake for years to come.

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