Halloween Birthday Party

Our birthday party themes continues as we move into that scary, creepy time of the year. And scary birthday parties are lots of fun. From bobbing for eyeballs, to searching for shrunken heads (caramel apples decorated to look like little heads), to carrying worms on spoons (boiled pasta with red food coloring), Halloween birthday parties are a blast.

Birthday Party Ideas: Pumpkin Decorating
If you want something less frightening, pumpkin decorating is a very creative way to spend the day. You’ll need: buttons, acrylic gems in lots of colors and shapes, white glue, ribbon, felt, pre-made paper hats and whatever other art supplies you can find.

A Spooky Menu
Halloween birthday parties are also a great time to serve bloody finger cookies, mummies in a blanket and severed hand punch.

Remember, a costume is a must!

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